Saturday, March 14, 2009

Index of Posts Defining Spiritual Abuse

How Can I Tell if my Church is Abusive?

(A review of how spiritual abuse and
Robert Lifton’s model of thought reform manifest in churches and parachurch organizations)

Watchman Fellowship

Characteristics of Spiritual Abusers
(Information collected from authors on the subject of spiritual abuse)

Podcasts about Spiritual Abuse
(“Thatmom” Karen Campbell interviews Cindy Kunsman in a series of podcasts about spiritual abuse, thought reform and how to resist covert manipulation)

Understanding Cognitive Dissonance
(The collection of a series of blog posts about how thought conversion works and how subtle pressures affect us from the Under Much Grace Blog)

Bounded Choice
(Systems of control that appear as though an individual has options of choice but are bound to a limited number of "givens" that are determined by the group; expands upon the concept of cognitive dissonance)

New Cults of Biblical Christianity: Theological Innovations in the Postmodern Age

(Article published in June and July 2004 issues of Christian Culture)

The Spiritual Abuse Network’s Questionaire

(Questions To Help Identify Specific Areas of Spiritual Abuse, Deception, and Fraud from a Questionaire by Chris Lawson)

Is Spiritual Abuse Biblical?

(A display of collected references discussing spiritual abuse)

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES on the Under Much Grace blog

Finding Help and Healing

Examples of Manipulative Techniques

Conformity Studies (Video Documentaries)

  • Bad Apples or Bad Barrels: Video Overviews of Zimbardo’s Lucifer Effect (Philip Zimbardo lectures on how systems of control and social pressure promote evil behavior and encourages individuals to become “everyday heroes” in the face of social and environmental pressures.)
  • The Wave (A video that depicts the disturbingly true story of a classroom experiment in a history class in a California high school. The teacher sought to demonstrate to the students how German citizens so readily accepted the Third Reich to his class by exposing them to some of the behavioral techniques used.)
  • Stanford Prison Experiment (The Hierarchy Effect?) (How an investigative study produced disturbing behaviors among a group of students at Stanford University)
  • The Milgram Study (Study evaluating willingness of subjects to follow instructions given by a perceived authority figure)
  • Asch Conformity Study (Study evaluating how subjects respond to social influence and popular opinion as a force that powerfully affects perception)
  • The Power of the Situation (A documentary reviewing conformity studies and the powerful effect that social pressures, authority figures and circumstances pose upon individuals)
  • Be Heroic! (About Zimbardo’s Hero Project campaign to teach people to be everyday heroes and resist situational influences.)

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