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Spiritual Abuse Podcasts (Review of Content and Links to Discussion)


Podcasts on Spiritual Abuse

An interview with Cindy Kunsman

Adoration of the Home by Grant Wood
Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

“thatmom” Karen Campbell invited me to share information about spiritual abuse with her podcast listeners, discussing the phenomenon in general while also highlighting how spiritual abuse affects homeschooling moms. Many of the examples focus on situations that homeschooling moms encounter, but they are really good universal examples of a potential problem that affects us all. Though I believe that every human being ought to read the literature pertaining to spiritual abuse, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed discussing these matters. I’m amazed at how the discussion adds to the impact of the material, so I encourage everyone to listen.

The series (recorded in the Spring of 2008) addresses:

  • Definitions of Spiritual Abuse and how this compares to cults
  • Biblical examples
  • The criteria of Spiritual Abuse (Henke/Watchman Fellowship)
  • The criteria of Robert Lifton’s thought reform and how that relates to Christians and homeschooling moms alike
  • Cialdini’s “Weapons of Influence” and how religious leaders can use sales techniques to sell their belief systems and paradigms
  • How we unknowingly get hooked into accepting beliefs
  • What we can do to resist these unwanted influences
  • Also see companion posts on the Under Much Grace Blog

1. All the Podcasts can be downloaded at the "thatmom" archives at

2. Email Karen Campbell at shesthatmom@gmail.com and request a copy on CD.
"Thatmom" offers them at cost which is $4.00 postage paid
(at the time of this posting) for the set of 7 podcasts.

Podcast #1:

  • Comparison of the definitions of Spiritual Abuse, contrasting "doctrinal cults" from cultic manipulation and behavior (word vs. deed), vulnerability to cults and aberrant Christianity, altered states of consciousness

Podcast #2:

Podcast #3:

Podcast # 4:

Podcast # 5:

Podcast #6 :

  • Continuation of topics introduced in previous podcast and how it compares to Henke's Spiritual Abuse criteria

Podcast #7

  • "Thatmom" Karen Campbell concludes her series of podcasts with a review of what it means to be a nurturer, giving special consideration to homeschooling moms.

"As painful as spiritual abuse can be...
we must keep our eyes on Jesus,
the Author and Finisher of our faith."

Karen Campbell is a wife, a mother of six, and the grandmother of nine. A graduate of Judson College, Karen homeschools her children who are still at home, advocates for the cause of homeschooling for Christians, and works to provide support and encouragement to homeschooling moms. Read more about Karen on her website at www.thatmom.com.

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