Thursday, March 12, 2009


Spotting Logical Fallacies and Propaganda Techniques
(List of common fallacies used by spiritually abusive systems to enhance thought reform)

(Review of the “Weapons of Influence” defined by Cialdini to help you resist manipulation)

(Excerpts from “In Sheep’s Clothing.” A review of common tactics used by manipulators to help you identify how covertly aggressive individuals typically behave.)

(Excerpts from “Who’s Pulling Your Strings” and the Chapter entitled “Seven Keys to Resist Manipulation”)

(More excerpts from “In Sheep’s Clothing” discussing tools of empowerment and helpful realizations to help you resist manipulation.)

(Philip Zimbardo’s list of helpful ideas to help you resist unwanted influence and covert manipulation.)

(Excerpts from the Chapter of “First Order Protections” against cultic manipulation from his book “TM and Cult Mania”)

(How the conference environment can be overwhelming for participants, can predispose a person to easy manipulation, and measures a person can take to resist undue influence and manipulation in this setting.)

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