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THATMOM PODCASTS!: The Patriarchy and Patriocentricity Debate

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Podcasts on Patriarchy and Patriocentricity

November 2007

Thatmom is Karen Campbell, a homeschooling mom, grandmother and award winning speaker hosts a website (and a companion site) where homeschooling moms can find encouragement and inspiration via MP3 downloads on a variety of subjects.


I hope that you'll listen to all of her nine popcasts (each about 30 minutes long) and glean some insights about the patriarchy movement that has gained influence in Christian circles within the homeschooling movement. The introduction to each podcast has been copied from www.thatmom.wordpress.com (all material is copyrighted by thatmom, Karen Campbell), giving you more specific information about each podcast topic. I hope that you will visit the site and read the comments discussing the material as well as listening to the podcasts.

Please note: I've found that it takes a little while for the podcasts to load into realplayer. Be patient! They do load and the player does pop up after a few minutes.

WEEK ONE: thatmom's September 7th Podcast

“Thatmom’s History of Patriarchy in the Homeschooling Community.”

My issue with the “patriarchy” movement is not with the TRUE Biblical teachings of fathers’ roles in their homes, but with their new “enlightened” or “presuppositional” view that is being taught and promoted today….

When the average conservative person hears the word “feminist” he thinks of a bra-burning, baby-aborting Jezebel screaming for equal rights. Labeling someone a feminist who disagrees with what the patriocentrists now assume are “presuppositional” truths, paints a picture that will guarantee the sought after reaction….discerning Christians will recognize this for what it is and nothing more, extravagant claims made to incite the audience.”

LINK to WEEK ONE's podcast and blog


WEEK TWO: thatmom's September 14th Podcast

Part Two of the Patriarch Series: The First of Two Interviews with Don Veinot from Midwest Christian Outreach.

“Last week I spent considerable time defining the terms of the patriarchy movement and some of its history. Today, before I welcome my guest, I would like to, again, define what I believe “patriarchy” is in the homeschooling community. At first blush, it doesn’t seem too much different than the message taught by Promise Keepers or that the new “In the Zone” ministries are promoting or even what Dr. James Dobson has promoted for the past 30 years…..and I welcome to my podcast Don Veinot.”

LINK to WEEK TWO's podcast and the blog


WEEK THREE: thatmom's September 21st Podcast

“Interview with Don Veinot, Part 2.”

“I have observed, as have many other women who are critics of this movement, that women are the ones who are really behind the patriocentricity movement. I really related to your reference to the movie the Stepford Wives because I believe it is an appropriate one….As the movie comes to a close, she is holding the husband robot head in her hand and muttering “all I wanted was a perfect community, a wholesome place.” I think this is very much like those in the patriocentric circles. These women want a guaranteed paradigm in which to raise their children and they believe these extreme forms of patriarchy will produce that.” Listen here to this week’s podcast from my continuing series on patriarchy and patriocentricity."

LINK to WEEK THREE's podcast and the blog


WEEK FOUR: thatmom's September 28th Podcast

Interview with Spunky Homeschool Mom (Karen Braun), Part One of five.

“My husband is the head of our home, but I don’t need to go through my husband to get to the Father…I am my husband’s wife but also my husband’s sister in Christ. It is a mystery and that mystery unfolds on a daily basis.”

LINK to WEEK FOUR's podcast and the blog


WEEK FIVE: thatmom's October 5th Podcast

Interview with Spunky (Karen Braun), Part II: A Review of the Writings of Debi Pearl

“I want to begin this discussion by looking at a book that, in the past couple of years, has taken the homeschooling community by storm, selling tens of thousands of copies immediately when it was released. A friend of mine told me of the women she knew who were taking the publisher up on the offer to purchase a case of 24 books at a discount and she saw literally hundreds of these books being handed out at homeschooling support groups….

The bottom line for me, about the entire book, my number one concern, is how the authority of the Scriptures was undermined throughout, both by confusing actual biblical truth and by replacing it with Debi Pearls’ own pearls of wisdom.” Listen here for this week’s podcast entitled Patriarchy and Patriocentricity: Part 5 that features a discussion between Spunky and thatmom on the effects of patriocentricity on wives and moms.

Spunky reviewed the Created to Be His Helpmeet book a couple years ago on her blog."

LINK to WEEK FIVE's podcast and blog


WEEK SIX: thatmom's October 12th Podcast

Interview with Spunky (Karen Braun), Part III: A Review of the Writings of Debi Pearl (continued)

This week Spunky and I continue our conversation on patriarchy’s effects on wives and marriages in part 6 of the series."

LINK to WEEK SIX's podcast and blog


WEEK SEVEN: thatmom's October 19th Podcast

Interview with Spunky (Karen Braun), Part IV: Discussing Visionary Daughters and "So Much More" by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin

"Listen here to this week’s podcast, which is part one of two on the topic of visionary daughters as a whole month of Spunky continues."

LINK to WEEK SEVEN's podcast and blog


WEEK EIGHT: thatmom's October 26th Podcast

Final Interview with Spunky (Karen Braun), Part V: Discussing Visionary Daughters and "So Much More" by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin

"Please note that a HUGE discussion of this topic is occurring here (at the True Womanhood website). It is a continuation of the first thread which can be found here . I would encourage anyone who wants to know as much as possible about the visionary daughters movement to take some time and read through these comments. I am continually amazed at all the interesting things I learn from contributors to these threads.

Also, if you are just now joining me for these podcasts, I would suggest that you go back to the Introduction to Patriocentricity podcast from September 7th and begin there. You can also access the thatmom podcast archives by visiting www.thatmompodcast.com.

As always, I welcome all comments and look forward to a great discussion with you!"

LINK to WEEK EIGHT's podcast and blog


WEEK NINE: thatmom's November 2nd Podcast

(The Final Podcast on Patriarchy and Patriocentricity)

“Curse vs Grace in Patriocentric Teachings.”

"In this week’s podcast, thatmom examines one of the results of the patriocentric movement by looking at curse-based relationships vs grace based relationships. She quotes Jeff VanVonderen who says “in controlling shaming families, love and acceptance come as a reward for jumping through certain behavioral hoops. People are validated for their right doing, not simply for being. Children grow up needy and empty. To earn personal approval, which they never really receive, they learn to perform well. Good behavior is whatever the people with power in the family decide is positive. Hence, adults may be lulled into believing that their children are spiritually strong and mature, when in fact they may be people pleasers.”

LINK to WEEK NINE's podcast and blog

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