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Norm Wakefield on Patriarchy's Curse

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Excerpt from the Chariot February 2008

Norm Wakefield

The Curse of the Standard Bearer: PART 4

In this "Chariot of Fire" issue:

What is the curse of the Standard Bearers?

• What is the pathway to freedom?
• Who is Lord of your life?
• What is the standard of standards?
• Christ died and lives to set people free.
• Is the Holy Spirit Lord in parent and young adult relationships?
• Repentance leads to restoration.
• What a difference humility and love make!

What is the curse of the standard bearers? The curse is the destruction of relationship with God and others resulting from the deception that love for God and others is measured by adherence to standards on outward issues of life. In some cases, however, the standards are wise. But many, if not most of the standards the Standard Bearers hold, are extreme interpretations of scripture. Some examples might be:

Women should only wear long dresses/skirts.
Bright and stylish clothing on women is a sign of worldliness and rebellion.
The only acceptable version of the Bible is the KJV.
Only hymns from the Psalms should be considered godly music.
Educating your children in any public system is evil or at least a sign of worldliness.
Homeschooling your children is a rejection of the Great Commission.
Having a house mortgage, short-term loan, or using credit cards reveals a lack of trust in God and should never be considered.
Anyone who dates, kisses, or holds hands before marriage should be looked down upon.

None of the standards above are explicitly stated biblical standards; they are men's interpretations of various scriptures. There are men and women who deeply love Jesus and walk according to the Holy Spirit who don't agree that these are timeless biblical standards. The central point of this series of articles is this: even if they were biblical standards, measuring spiritual life and determining one's circle of fellowship based on appearance and adherence to outward standards isn't God's measurement of spiritual life or maturity. Jesus was at war with those who measured spirituality by appearances and conformity to a set of standards on issues such as the ones above.....

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