Friday, March 21, 2014

Screenshot of Wayne Grudem's "But What should women do in the church?" CBMW Article

The following article once appeared in HTML format on the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood website (  I first came across this in 2007 and saved a pdf copy.   Long before The Wartburg Watch drew attention to it, CBMW took the HTML offline.

Since the organization suffers so many "web glitches" now concerning search engine linked HTML material, I thought that I would help readers find this one by loading screenshots of it.  I don't think that they can blame the problem with this Grudem article on Bob Allen who recently reported on another "non-loading" article by Mark David Walton that rightfully took heavy criticism.

For the reader's convenience, I left the first two pages full size, and following them, find Grudem's article in one image.  (I did not include page 2 of this issue of CBMW News because it featured another unrelated article by another author.)

I believe that CBMW deletes HTLM content which can easily be found using search engines when their doctrine comes under scrutiny.  Most of their content is published in their Journal and in this newsletter, but to find it, you must know specifically in which volume and number your article of interest appears.  CBMW can then claim that content is still available online in readable format, but it is buried and hard to access if you don't have enough of the details.  Clever, clever.  You're going to have to come up with a better strategy, boys. And I'm surprised, since you demonstrate so much creativity in your attempt to repurpose Scripture to advance your agenda and your traditions of men.

At least for now, you can find the newsletter with the article in a pdf HERE.

If you click on the following images, they should enlarge.

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