Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LINKS to Information About Patirarchy

Links below will connect you
to a wide variety of information.

Under Much Grace does not necessarily
recommend or approve of their statements.

Some may be considered sarcastic, and some are associated with questionable individuals or groups.

Reading from a wide variety of sources is recommended to help stimulate your own, individual thought processes and is an essential part of recovery from cultic or legalistic religious groups. Read as much and as widely as time and opportunity will allow, even if it does not seem to make much difference. Cult-exit counselors maintain that self-education with information of this type is essential to any and all people who have been exposed to any degree of legalistic teaching that distorts doctrine.

In any case, these links appear here for
your further investigation


**patriarchy.org (vast number of articles from a wide variety of sources)

**Women In Ministry (A blog is for dialogue on the issue of women in ministry and the freedom for women to teach the bible in a public setting.)

**The Berean (Another blog that discusses issues concerning women.)

**thatmom's Podcasts on Patriarchy
(A series of nine podcasts discussing various aspects of patriarchy within the homeschooling movement and implications for the church. Features interviews with both Don Veinot and "Spunky" Karen Braun.)

See other Link pages for related information.


? Student of Bill Gothard ?

**Doug Phillips - New Paganism? (blog post expanding upon the June 2007 MCOI article “Who Will Be First in the Kingdom?” , a critique of Doug Phillips’ ideology. Make sure to read the comments that follow!)

**"The Crux" on Vision Forum and Patriarchy
(Blog articles concerning Vision Forum's views on patriarchy and the correspondence between MCOI, Doug Phillips and Brian Abshire.)

** “On Biblical 'complementarianism' — corrupt or Christian?” (An online article by E. Steven Burnett on the FaithFUSION website.)

**Free online book countering the courtship teachings of patriarchy (Authored by Robin Phillips in the UK- no relation to Doug Phillips)

** Audio sermons on Patriarchy (Series on Patriarchy by K.W. Pete Hurst)

**Legal Review of Patriarchy: Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV and discussion of a PCA congregation involved in a Boerne Christian Assembly excommunication.

** www.swordpentrumpet.com Another Blogspot following the actions of Doug Phillips

**Ministry Watchman Tracks the activities of many ministries and ministers who ascribe to patriarchy

**From RaisingTheTruth.com (Website documenting Phillips' scandalous misrepresentation regarding claims of a dinosaur discovery for a Vision Forum video now pulled from distribution and sale)

**EXTREME Pro-hyperpatriarchy Site (Pro-patriarchy site hosted by Vision Forum's poster girls. Check for updates and watch their video.)


**Article at SharperIron.com Questioning the Integrated Church Movement

**FBFI 06 Resolution Denounces Integrated Church Movement

First article in series Personal experience of members attending Boerne Christian Assembly and Living Waters Fellowship



** www.batteredsheep.com Site by and for survivors of Gothardism

**Bill Gothard's Evangelical Talumud, Part I

**”The Myth of Spiritual Covering” (An article by Dr. Steven Lambert)

**GOTHARD Expose' Book

**BILL GOTHARD'S cultic Christianity (Article starts on pg. 4)

"They Told Me When I Left..." (Article discussing the problems of leaving abusive groups against the consensus of the leadership, a common feature in Gothard's teaching as a rejection of the protective "umbrella of authority")

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