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Links to Additional Information About the Family Integrated Church

Family Integrated Church (FIC)

Online Discussions of the FIC
(Links to several discussions of the FIC including
Karen Campbell’s discussion of the pros and cons of the FIC.)

Confusion Regarding the Multiple Facets of the FIC

Southern Seminary Guilty by Association or a Case of the Emperor’s New Clothes? (Examination of the overlapping beliefs shared among the wide array of groups that advocate the FIC)

Two Major Distinctions Between Different SBTS and Other Patriocentrists: Evangelism and a Woman in Government
(Sarah Palin and issues with evangelism in the FIC)

Confusion Concerning Overlapping Use of Terminology Within the FIC
(Noting the use of identical language within many different camps and parachurch organziations under the FIC umbrella and the honest confusion that results. Noting the different groups within the Southern Baptist Convention, Vision Forum, Henry Reyenga’s Home Discipleship and Voddie Baucham.)

Defining Terms and Expectations Within the FIC
(Examining more overlapping beliefs within different factions of the FIC, comparing statements made by Randy Stinson of SBTS and by Doug Phillips of Vision Forum)

Southern Baptist Convention’s Specific Views About the FIC

Steve Wright’s “reThink”
(The SBC’s version of the
Family Integrated Church)

Randy Stinson

Development of FIC Doctrine

Benjamin M Palmer’s Ontological Subordination of Women: “The Derivative Image of God”
(Quoting Palmer on the role of women in family from his 1876 book, “The Family”)

The Natural Religion of Family of Benjamin Morgan Palmer
(Additional quotes from the 1876 publication)

Patriarchal Meditation of Palmer
(Additional quotes from Palmer)

Response to the Series on the FIC

College and the Family Integrated Church

College Attendance For Daughters, Post 1
(A review of Voddie Baucham’s statements about the necessity of college for daughters in comparison to his family’s choices.)

College Attendance For Daughters, Post 2
(Answering College Plus and their mistaken impression confusing criticism of the hypocrisy of the patriocentrists as opposed to a favorable impression of their distance learning program.)

Voddie Baucham on the Family Integrated Church
(Southern Baptist Convention Minister and Vision Forum Affiliate)

Attempting to Clarify Baucham’s Position on Matters Related to the FIC
(Noting that though Baucham claims to reject certain practices and find them repulsive yet continues to participate in close relationships with groups that embrace these practices and ideologies that support them.)

List of Questions for Baucham Pertaining to the FIC
(Formal questions posed to Dr. Baucham after he agreed via email to answer questions regarding perceived discontinuity between his embracing of the FIC and claims about his personal convictions.)

Giving the Appearance of Tolerance: Using Logical Fallacy and Political Expediency (Double-speak used to condemn age appropriate education in religious settings while claiming to be tolerant of practices that fall outside of those accepted by the FIC)

Voddie Defines Sunday School as Darwinian Evolution
(Transcript of an embedded audio)

Why Doctrinal Statements Tell You Nothing of the Unwritten Rules of a Manipulative Group
(Discussion of how manipulative religious groups maintain two sets of beliefs and rules, including those that are not written and are reinforced subjectively.)

See also *Two Major Distinctions Between SBTS and Other Patriocentrists

Corresponding with Voddie Baucham

Corresponding with Voddie Baucham Via Email: Discerning the Intent
(Discussion of an ambiguous apology offered as damage control for an untrue statement posted on Baucham’s blog including a comment from Don Veinot)

Apologies that Aren’t: Reflecting on Correspondence with Baucham
(Discerning genuine apologies from “blanket apologies” that offer no shows of contrition or attempts to make restitution.)

Concluding Statement About Email Correspondence with Baucham

Original Response to Baucham’s Blog Post About Being Persecuted Because of Calvinism
(Baucham’s post contains an error regarding the interest in an apologetics conference presentation on the topic of patriarchy) followed by a Second Statement About the Veracity of Baucham’s Original Blog Post

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